7М03101 – Psychology

Cipher – the name of the specialty:

7М03101- Psychology.

Accreditation passing (year of completion, period):

Period of study:

Profile direction – 1 and 1,5 years.

Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.

The awarded degree:

Scientific and pedagogical direction – Magister of pedagogical sciences on speciality 7М03101 -« Psychology».

Sphere of professional activity:

Sphere of professional activity Magister of humanitarian science on specialty 7М03101 –            «Psychology» scientific and pedagogical direction is: pedagogical activity in the higher education system, scientific and research work, management activities in external economic and external policy areas.

Objects of professional activity:

Object of professional activity Magister 7М03101 – «Psychology» are pedagogical process at secondary schools first stage all types and methodical work in institutions.

Subject of professional activity:

Subjects of professional activity graduates are psychology and pedagogical diagnostics, modeling of pedagogical activity, planning and organization of pedagogical process, analysis and regulation, self-development, self-education, communication with social institutes.

Types of professional activity:

Magister 7М03101 – «Psychology» can perform following types of professional activity:

  • diagnostic – studying of the personality of the school student, educations results, education and development;
  • organizational and technological (organizational process of education on the basis of pedagogical technologies);
  • administrative and pedagogical (interaction “subject subject”, management in education);
  • project;
  • scientific and research.

Bases of practic:

Faculty of Pedagogics K. Zhubanov ARSU, chair of pedagogy and psychology, Aktobe c., secondary schools №40, 30, 39, 1 and school gymnasium №21, institutions of secondary special education, Psychological consulting center Expert, the Mediation center.

Modular educational program

Modular educational program
Modular educational program 2023