8D01301 – Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education

Cipher – the name of the specialty:

8D01301 – Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education

Accreditation passing (year of completion, period):

Form of study:

full-time education.

Period of study:

3 years.

The awarded degree:


Professional activity:

8D01301 – the subject of the professional activity of the PhD of the specialty Pedagogy and methodology of primary education is the pedagogical process, research and management activities in higher educational and secondary specialized educational institutions.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of a doctoral student are: educational, research, design and educational institutions.

Subject of professional activity:

The main stages of the transformation and development of paradigms in the evolution of pedagogical science as a subject of the doctoral students’ profession; subject, worldview and methodological features of primary pedagogy; scientific schools in the field of pedagogy of primary school and their theoretical and practical news; world and Kazakhstan scientific and pedagogical concepts; mechanisms for introducing scientific innovations into practical activities in the pedagogy of primary school, the pedagogical and scientific ethics of the researcher; current trends, trends and patterns of development of domestic pedagogical sciences in the context of globalization and internationalization; methodology of achievements of pedagogical science of world and Kazakhstan science.

Types of professional activity:

Graduate students of the specialty 8D01301 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education can perform the following types of professional activity:

  • in the field of scientific and educational activities in the context of rapid updating and rapid growth of information flows;
  • conducting pedagogical theoretical and experimental studies;
  • theoretical and applied problems in pedagogical research and their solution;
  • problems of pedagogical training of students at the university;
  • professional and comprehensive analysis of problems in the field of primary school pedagogy;
  • self-development in the world.

Practice bases:

Zhubanov ARSU Department of Pedagogy, Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Primary Education, pedagogical secondary special colleges.

Modular educational program