6В01801 – Social Pedagogics and Tutor

Cipher – name of specialty:

6В01801 – Social Pedagogy and Tutoring

6B01801 – Social Pedagogy and self-knowledge

Accreditation passing (year of passage, period of passage):

In December 2016, according to the results of the inspection of the External Expert Commission of the non-profit organization “Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, the educational program 6B01801 – Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge was successfully accredited for 5 years.

From the 2020-2021 academic year, in accordance with the requirements of today’s society and in accordance with the expansion of the functional trajectory of social pedagogy, the program was supplemented with new content and changed to 6B01801 – “Social pedagogy and tutoring.”

Training term:

Full time: 4 years, 3 years

The awarded degree:

6B01801 – Social pedagogy and self-knowledge (up to  2020);

6B01801 – Social Pedagogy and Tutoring (from 2020) Bachelor of Education

Areas of professional activity:

6B01801 – Social pedagogy and self-knowledge; 6B01801 – The field of professional activity of the bachelor of social pedagogy and tutoring is the work on socialization of children and youth in general education institutions, special (correctional) educational institutions, penitentiary institutions, health centers: – Social pedagogue – Teacher of “Self-knowledge” – Tutor-teacher “Coach can work as a trainer in social and pedagogical services.

Objects of professional activity:

– State structures (the Committee for the Protection of Rights children of the Ministry of Education and Science, regional departments for the protection of children’s rights), institutions of social orientation (social security, support and assistance of the unemployed, low-income, disabled, able-bodied with restriction);

– educational institutions of state and non-state financing (preschool organizations of education, schools, orphanages, boarding schools, specialized educational institutions);

– institutions related to the problems of upbringing and development of the younger generation in public environment (correction and rehabilitation centers, special schools, children’s receivers, colonies);

– institutions associated with the organization of children’s leisure and support of children’s creativity, full socialization and personal development of the younger generation (public organizations, children’s clubs, studios, health camps).

Subject of professional activity:

Bachelor of Education in specialty 6В01801 “Social Pedagogics and tutoring” are:

– the process of full-fledged socialization and personal development of children and students in the unity of its holistic aims, objectives, content, methods, forms and results;

– the organization of correctional-pedagogical and educational activities in general education and specialized educational organizations, the potential for full-fledged socialization and personal development of children and students.

Types of professional activity:

6B01801 – Social pedagogy and self-knowledge; 6B01801 – The types of professional activities of the bachelor of social pedagogy and tutoring programs are:

– socio-pedagogical – providing humanitarian and social support to vulnerable groups of the local population: people with disabilities, repatriate families, socially disadvantaged families; to help create favorable conditions for their full life;

– educational – socialization and personal development of children, adolescents and youth; organization of educational and training processes, management of pedagogical process; diagnosis, correction, forecasting of the results of pedagogical activity; research, collection, dissemination of best practices in the field of social pedagogy and self-knowledge;

– cultural and educational – the organization of cultural time for children, adolescents and youth in the field of cinema, theater, fine arts, music; development of programs, methods and technologies of educational work in the field of culture; organization of cultural and leisure centers; regulation of socio-cultural activities of groups, individuals by social norms, traditions and values ​​formed in public practice;

– support, development and continuation of promotional and socially important ideas and traditions; organization of advertisements for social services; propaganda of ideas of social responsibility, public service in mass media

– organizational and methodological – the creation of centers and bodies of social services, research, generalization, dissemination of experience in social work; organization of research of legislative and other legal acts among the local population;

– the study of the peculiarities of the process of teaching, educating, developing and correcting the development of children, adolescents and young people in need of assistance to the younger generation in self-knowledge, self-realization, the help of a social educator and a teacher of self-knowledge;

– Creation of specific social models for the promotion of animation – social assistance and social protection, the introduction of social and humanitarian knowledge in the educational process of general and special (correctional) educational organizations.

Bases of practices:

№ 51, № 39,№ 1, № 27, № 23, № 64, № 63  Schools of Aktobe city

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