Academic mobility

Academic mobility

The qualification of teaching stuff of the Faculty has a fundamental importance for the quality of the educational services and it is provided by a systematic assessment of the competence of teachers by the University administration.

Active work is carried out to implement the Programme of academic mobility of students and teaching stuff at the Faculty of Pedagogy. Training and professional development of the faculty is mainly carried out through short-term seminars, short-term courses and scientific internships in leading Universities of Kazakhstan as well as abroad.

Teaching staff took an active part in short-term training courses abroad. So, in 2012  G. Turetaeyva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor was  in China, Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics; in November; in November 2013 M. Yessengulova,  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor was in Japan Tsukuba University,  Z. Adilshinova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, head of the Department of “Social Pedagogy and Primary Education” was in Portugal, Lisbon Technical University.

Yessengulova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the Department “Pre-school and special education” an was in Japan Tsukuba University

Adilshinova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, head of the Department of “Social Pedagogy and Primary Education” was in Portugal, Lisbon Technical University

Scientific activity of teaching staff of the Faculty is directed to research in the field of Pedagogy and Psychology, organization of various activities of social order and contract works. Thus, many teachers participated in a grant competition for scientific research. Nowadays, a project “Standardization of psychological tests” is conducted by D. Naurzalina, Doctor of PhD and “Psychological and pedagogical foundations of 12-year education» is developed by A. Kenzhegulova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

With the aim of integrating scientific refinements with modern science, teaching staff  has  a work  to establish international relations with foreign countries as Great Britain, India, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc. Besides, the faculty of Pedagogy maintains close scientific ties with leading Universities and Scientific Centers of near abroad: Sibaisk Institute of Bashkir State University,  Institute of Physical Culture of Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Sterlitamak State Pedagogical Academy named after Zainab Biisheva, Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I. Yakovleva.

Within the framework of International academic mobility, agreements on scientific and research cooperation were signed with Orenburg State Pedagogical University, Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy. Postgraduates of  the specialty 5M010300 – “Pedagogy and Psychology”, 5M050300 – “Psychology” annually have a scientific internship at Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla, Ufa. It is planned to conduct joint seminars, webinars, online courses for teaching staff, undergraduates and students of the Faculty.  Joint projects on standardization of methods of psychological research in Kazakhstan and their harmonization in the European Ethics Committee are being worked out. All scientific research is reflected in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, collections of scientific and practical Conferences, etc. Active preparation of articles for publication in journals with impact factor is conducted.

Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M.Akmulla, Ufa, postgraduates of the     specialties 5M050300 – “Psychology”, 5M010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology “.

From February 6 – 20, 2017, within the framework of the Programme of academic mobility, in accordance with the agreement on cooperation between K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University and Bulgarian-Kazakhstan Educational Forum (Bulgaria) Professor Nikolay  Buiukliev of  Varna Free University was invited by the Department of International Cooperation of the University to the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Elementary Education of the Faculty of Pedagogy. Lectures on creative thinking, rhetoric for students of the educational programme 5В012300 – “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge”, 5В010100 – “Preschool education and upbringing”, 5В010200 – “Pedagogy and methods of elementary education”, 5В010500 – “Defectology, 5В010300 -” Pedagogy and psychology” were conducted by the Professor.

To support the national academic mobility of the Faculty of Pedagogy, programme coordinators of departments have been identified and appointed.

Following functions of academic mobility are carried out by coordinators:

  • ensuring the implementation of national (internal) academic mobility programmes;
  • conducting awareness-raising work on the implementation of national academic mobility programmes;
  • participation in preparation of students documents;
  • preparation of reference, reporting and other documents on the main indicators of academic mobility.

Plans of the department for academic mobility was prepared by each department.  H  During the academic year coordinators actively cooperate with the Department of academic mobility. Together with the Department, work on explaining the specifics of the programmes of national academic mobility was carried out.

Information about academic mobility was prepared and posted on the website (in Kazakh and Russian languages).

In order to develop a polylingual education in the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, teachers from the Department of Social Pedagogy and Elementary Education, O.Shunkeeva and B. Almurzayeva,  Z. Adilshinova  and  “Pre-school and special education” R.Dysenbayeva, A.Rystygulova and G.Kudasova took part in the English language Courses in 2016-2017 academic year.

The programme of national academic mobility is carried out in two forms: outgoing and incoming mobility. Outgoing mobility provides an information about conditions for students from Kazakhstan partner Universities. Incoming mobility  has an information for students of the University who went to other Universities of Kazakhstan. At the beginning of the second half of 2016-2017 academic year, a competition among University students to participate in the Programme of national academic mobility  was held and a list of  participants was determined by the Department.

Coordinators of departments checked out all necessary normative documentation of students for academic mobility. For students on incoming mobility, registration forms and individual curricula for the period of study at the University were fulfilled. For adaptation at the University, students were provided with Guidebooks on academic mobility and information packages.

In the second semester of 2016-2017 academic year, five students of the specialty 5B010500 “Defectology”, one student of  5B010100 “Pre-school education and upbringing”, four students of 5B012300 “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge participated in the Programme of outgoing academic mobility in Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay.

Distance education of disciplines was organized for students of outgoing academic mobility.